Anonymous Support Service Getting help should not always require disclosure of identity

IncognitoDesk is an online application developed in Montreal allowing different organizations who work with sensitive communities to send and receive SMS messages (and soon emails) while preserving the anonymity of the users of their services.


The tool built for organizations that service communities 

Accessible by SMS

The mobile number associated with the service is attached to a multi-user web interface, allowing your agents to communicate with the users of your service.

It’s like having a mobile phone that many agents can work on simultaneously.

Protecting their identity

The mobile number of the user is never revealed to the agent to preserve their identity. An alias (a bit like a scout totem) is displayed instead of the number to refer to the conversation between the agents without revealing the user’s identity.

Cloud Based

The IncognitoDesk service is hosted in Toronto on a M2i3 data infrastructure. You focus on helping your users, we take care of the rest of the application.

The service is updated regularly and these updates are available automatically, without interruption of service and above all without charge.

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